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We teach traps at COTEF as a hunting method. Remember to check the laws in your state regarding primitive trapping- in most places it is illegal. However, these are great skills to know should you ever find yourself in a survival situation.
Trapping starts to show us how all the skills interweave. How will you decide where to place the trap, or what to bait it with?

A few hints:
-Keep your soft human body out of the way of hard, heavy trap parts!
-You can't beat the trap.
-Play with the sensitivity of traps.


Figure 4- Scroll down
Paiute Deadfall

The first trap we teach is called the "Figure 4 Deadfall" because when set it looks like a number 4. Check out these pictures to see if you can work it out.

It makes a figure '4'. Note the bait. Can you tell which direction you want it to be triggered in?

A view from the other side, plus the barrier to hopefully get it triggered in the correct direction. We'll post the individual pieces up soon. See if you can figure them out first!

.........OK, want to see how it's done?  Check out the video below!

Figure 4 Deadfall Trap

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