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Quiz B- Medium

1.    What temperature does water freeze at? (Farenheit)
            A: 100 degrees
            B: 32 degrees
            C: 0 degrees

2.    How deep should the debris be on your debris hut?
            A: About the length of your arm
            B: Just enough to block out the light
            C: A hands depth

3.    How long should your bow drill spindle be?
            A: As long as possible
            B: As long as your little finger
            C: The distance of your hand span

4.    What family of animals makes a circular shaped depression (usually no claws)?
5.    Which of these can you use to tan a hide?
A: Brains!
B: Eggs
C: Animal fat
D: All of the above

6.    If you are right dominant and lost, would you be likely to circle to the right or left?
7.    Can you rearrange these steps to make the correct order for building a debris hut?
            A: Lattice work
            B: Debris
            C: Frame work
            D: Ribbing
8.    Can you put these plants in the order of the strength of cordage that they make?
A: Dogbane
B: Grass
C: Oak leaves
9.     Which of these materials would be most suitable to filter water?
A: Soil
B: Charcoal
C: Oak leaves
10.     You are rock boiling- which of these places would not be suitable to collect the rocks from?
A: Riverbank
B: Hillside
C: Field
11.    Which of these could you use to make a rock tool with?
A: Deer antler
B: Willow shoot
C: Fire 
12.     What animals have ‘pacing’ as their normal gait?
            A: Deer
            B: Raccoons
            C: Rabbit

13.     How large should the notch be that you cut out for a bow drill fire?
A: ½ the burnt area
B: 1/8th the burnt area
C: Don’t cut a notch
14.     Which of these would be good to use in a tinder bundle?
A: Dry dogbane
B: Cattail down
C: Cedar bark

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