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So you have the other three sorted. Shelter is built, water is on hand, and you have the means for fire, now comes food. Why is it last on the Sacred Order? Well, you can go a long time without food, but as Jorge an Instructor with the Tracker School explains “It’s the hardest!” His advice- “Learn about plants, they don’t run away from you”.

Whether you take a plant or an animal for your nourishment you a taking a life, creating a hole. What will you fill that hole with? At COTEF we encourage you to fill that hole with your thanks, your respect and to honor that beings life by making sure that more of it’s kind can live in the future.

We also teach hunting methods, and even how to make bows and arrows.

Food teaches us so much, especially when we are not taking it from a supermarket. The taste of a wild edible plant is truly a taste of freedom.

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