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Bow Drill Fire

The Bow Drill fire technique works by creating friction between two pieces of wood which is turned into heat energy. It is certainly one of the most satisfying experiences to create fire primitively.
Here are some photos to show you how the bow drill works, or to help you improve your technique.

                              The pieces: A bow, (bottom) then from left to right; Fireboard, Spindle, Hand-hold.

                                                                      The position for bow drill.

                           Bowing backwards and forwards, heat is created- notice the smoke pouring out.

                              The coal has formed in the notch. Now we take the coal and add it to our tinder bundle.

                                    Blowing on the tinder bundle. Can you see the smoke starting to appear?

                                          Fire! (Yes it's a different tinder bundle- debris from the forest floor)

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