At Children of the Earth Foundation, we love practicing our skills. There’s never an excuse to be bored after you learn some of the old ways. You’ll start following tracks in the ground, wonder if you can make cordage from that plant in the yard, or see if you can make a bow drill fire from an unknown wood. The skills that we teach are sacred to us all. Without them we wouldn’t be here today, and without them we may not be here tomorrow.

Check out some of the skills here to either get a taste of what we teach, or to gain some new inspiration for the next project.

                The Sacred Order

                        1. Shelter

                        2. Water                           Skills on COTEF Video:          

                        3. Fire                                             Hand Drill   

                        4. Food                                           Deadfall Trap


Skills & Experiences:             

Animal Forms                                 Atlatl                                      Awareness                            Baskets            

Bird Language                                Blindfold Drum Stalk                Bow Drill Fire                                    

Bowl Burning                                 Bows & Arrows                         Camouflage                         Caretaking

Ceremony                                      Cordage                                  Drums                               

Edible and Medicinal Plants              Fishing Tools                           Fox Walking & WAV    

Grass Mats                                    Hide Tanning                         Water Purification

Journaling                                      Lost proofing                           Nature Museum          

Plant identification                          Pottery                                    Primitive Cooking        

Quivers                                          Rock Boil                                  Rock Work                  

Shelter                                           Sit Spot                                    Stalking                       

Sweat Lodge                                   Throwing Stick                          Tracking                      


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