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We Can't Do It Without You!

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The economy continues to create hardships for so many families and extras like coming to programs can be out of their reach. Your gift allows us to run our programs and provide scholarships so everyone can attend COTEF programs. Your tax deductible gift will make a big difference in the life of a child and in their relationship to the Earth. Mail donations to 529 Route 9, #10, Waretown, NJ 08758 or just click the donate button to contribute online.

In-kind Donations For Auctions, Raffles, or Programs

In-kind donations can be made of items that can be used in programs or for raffles. For programs we can use items for our nature museums which have things like skulls, plaster casts of tracks, various "skills" items such as baskets, pottery, stone points, drums and any other primitive skill.  For raffles or auctions we can accept anything that may be of interest to others. Some things that have been successful in the past have been the 1978 Reader's Digest containing The Tracker or early editions of The Tracker, drums or other skills items. Please call or email to discuss items if you have any questions. 

"...if you Love the earth, if you hear her crying and feel her dying, then do whatever it takes to save her, but do not walk away.  ...give of yourself, give of your visions and dreams, give financially, give your time, lead someone back to the Earth, give children the gift of pure protected wilderness, give anything, but please do something..."

-Tom Brown Jr.
A quote from his Standard Class

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