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Concentric Rings - Wilderness Outreach Education ProgramsOur outreach programs (known as, Concentric Rings) cater to a wide variety of organizations such as schools, Scout troops, nature centers, and home school groups. We teach children solid survival skills to call upon should they ever get lost in the woods, all in the COTEF way; by providing an endless adventure experience.

We strive to fuel passion and curiosity and awaken the natural desire to learn. We always endeavor to connect the students to the natural world in a profound and real way. We have found that by showing the intense and incredible beauty, and the ease with which connection to that beauty is found, students become caretakers of the Earth without any prompting from us. This attitude of respect and awe is infused in each of the skills and activities we teach.

Our Concentric Rings outreach programs are highly flexible, each one being adapted to suit the needs of the group.

We have programs in many states, and we travel to you!

Plus we offer 10% off the first Coyote Tracks Program for all who register for a Concentric Rings Program.

All organizers who are not COTEF staff can receive a $50 transferable voucher toward Coyote Tracks programs.

Wilderness Survival Topics Menu

Below are a variety of themes or workshops which COTEF can offer for a specifically tailored program. Most of these topics can be condensed into a short period of time while some require more. These are all considered introductory teachings.

  • Bow drill fire making (short) – Use pre-made kits and begin to practice making fire by friction.
  • Bow drill fire making (long) – Carve their own kits and begin to practice making fire by friction.
  • Hand drill fire making – Learn and practice this ancient method of fire making.
  • Knife safety – Learn how to carve with a knife safely and about overall knife safety.
  • Cordage – Learn how to make cordage/string from natural materials.
  • Fox Walking and Wide Angle Vision – A different way of moving through and seeing the world.
  • Shelter (short) – Each construct a miniature model of a debris hut, a basic survival shelter.
  • Shelter (long) – As a group construct, a full-sized debris hut, a basic survival shelter, that they can enter and experience.
  • Bird language – Study why birds make their sounds and how to interpret them.
  • Tracking – Learn animal gaits and tracks.
  • Purifying water – Construct a water filter from natural materials to learn how to begin to clean water.
  • Throwing Stick – Learn a basic hunting technique and hunting ethics.
  • Edible plants – Study first hand the edible (and poisonous) plants in their area and develop their relationship with the plant world.
  • Utilitarian plants – Learn about some trees and plants that are useful for specific utilitarian applications and how to harvest plants with respect to the environment.
  • Flint knapping – Learn the basics of flint knapping, creating a rock tool and how to use it.

If you want to start a discussion about how we can design a Concentric Rings Program specifically for you and your location please contact Holly using any of the methods below.

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