Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision and Goals | COTEF | Awareness of Nature


It is our mission to ensure the survival of future generations by guiding youth and community toward a pure connection with the Earth.


It is our vision that the arts of tracking and nature awareness through wilderness survival continue to live on into future generations. We recognize that the future of this Earth lies in the hands of the Children of the Earth. We will be a light on this path by bringing these skills and experiences to schools and programs everywhere.

Program Goals

  • Our goal is to create a profound respect for The Earth and all of its inhabitants.
  • We seek to support and nurture the personal growth and self-esteem of our participants through survival skills, animal tracking, nature awareness, storytelling, and performance.
  • Our teaching is infused with a philosophy of oneness with nature, as taught by Stalking Wolf to Tom Brown, Jr.
  • We hope to instill and awaken a deeper connection to The Earth as true caretakers, passionate
    about learning, and excited about becoming our future leaders — as Children of the Earth.

Coyote Teaching

As coyote teachers, we bring the mysteries of nature to our students in a way that they can be inspired to learn on their own. In this case, the definition of the coyote is not necessarily the ‘trickster’, however the keeper of knowledge.

A coyote teacher makes every learning experience exciting, something we desperately want to know. We plan each lesson like a chess game or jigsaw puzzle, where one teaching leads to another.

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