In-Kind Donations

In-kind Donations For Auctions or Programs

Instead of giving money to buy needed items, the items themselves are given. In-kind donations can be items that can be used in our wilderness survival and education programs or for our annual Fall Auction.


For programs we can use items for our nature museums which have things such as:

  • Animal Skulls
  • Plaster casts of tracks
  • Primitive skills items such as baskets, pottery, stone points, drums and an item representing any other primitive skill.

Our Annual Auction

For auctions we can accept anything that may be of interest to others. Examples of things that have been successful in the past have been:

  • The 1978 Reader’s Digest containing The Tracker
  • Early editions of “The Tracker”
  • Drums or other skills items

Please call or email to discuss how you can be involved or if you have any questions.

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