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Quiz C: Answers

How did you do? Answers in red.

1.   "Percussion" and "Pecking" are used in:
            A: Hide work
            B: Rock work
            C: Bow making

2.   An "atlatl" is a type of:
            A: Snare trap
            B: Throwing Weapon
            C: Poisonous plant

3.   Is a "Figure 4 Deadfall Trap" usually baited?
            A: Yes
            B: No

4.   When would you "smudge"?
            A: To camouflage your scent
            B: When you are making a bow drill fire
            C: Before filtering water
5.    What makes owl feathers so silent in flight?
            They have 'tattered' edges.
6.     When is a good time to collect wood for bows?
            When the sap is at the lowest- usually the middle of Winter.

7.     The ancient Scouts used what idea to hide from unsuspecting enemies?
A: Riding fast on horseback
B: Dead space
C: Staying very still
8.    What should you do if you are lost?
A: Run fast till you become ‘not lost’
B: Walk Eastwards
C: Stay calm, don’t panic
9.     Which of these feathers would be best for fletching an arrow?
A: Breast feather
B: Left wing feather
C: Tail feather
10.     What animals have ‘bounding’ as their normal gait?
            A: Rabbit
            B: Skunk
            C: Mountain Lion

11.   What are the "Big 4" plants?
            Oaks, Pines, Cattail, Grasses

12.     Which of these woods should make the 'easiest' bow drill kit?
            A: Oak
            B: Red Maple
            C: Willow

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