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Nature/Tracking Challenge with Prize- Contest open from 3/11/16- 3/25/16

COTEF's first online Nature/Tracking Challenge with a prize!  

The contest is over but you can still challenge yourself!  Answers are posted at the bottom of the page.

This contest will be open for two weeks, ending on March 25, 2016.  Please submit all answers to  Please format answers in a 1,2,3.... order with the answers corresponding to the numbered questions. Questions will have point values; the person with the most points will win.  Up to 24 points can be earned.  Partial credit will be given for partial answers.  The first person to achieve 22 points will automatically be considered the winner and no further submissions will qualify, so send in your answers fast!  In the even of a tie, all winners will receive the prize.  The winner(s) will be contacted after the contest has ended.

Prize for the winner(s) will be a $25 credit towards any COTEF class of your choice!  This credit can be transferred to another individual of the winners choice, and will expire in one year.  The winner(s) will also receive a special prize directly from Program Manger, Andrew Hov.

Answers will be posted after the contest has ended. (Answers are posted at the bottom of the page)

We encourage parents and children to take the challenge together.  Good luck, and have fun!  

Click on the images to make them larger

Ready.... Begin!

1. What animal made these tracks?  (total distance from bottom to top of all tracks is about 11 inches) 1 point

2. What is this dark mass? 1 point
     What can it be used for? (multiple answers accepted, up to 2) maximum 2 points

3. What kind of animal scat is this? 1 point
     What has it been eating a lot of?  1 point

4. What is this plant which remains green throughout the winter and makes red berries? (careful, this one it tricky) 1 point

5. What kind of tree is this?  1 point
    Why specifically are it's branches so absent of foliage?  (this tree is about 35 feet tall) 1 point

What created this hole in this tree?  1 point
    This tree was hollow, why? 1 point 
    What kind of tree is this?  1 point

7. What plant/tree do these seeds come from? (the broad type/genus is acceptable)  1 point

8. What kind of animal scat is this? (this question is directly related to a previous question) 1 point

9. What is this this tree? 1 point 
      Why did it evolve to have such large thorns? (this answer must be very specific and only one answer is acceptable) 1 point

10. What plant formed this umbel the previous year? 1 point 
       What can this plant be used for? (multiple answers are accepted, up to 2) maximum 2 points

11. What is this tree?  1 point 
       What can it be used for? (multiple answers accepted, up to 2)  maximum 2 points

12. What animal did this to this tree? 1 point 
       How did it do it? 1 point 
      (this question is very tricky, and is likely the hardest)

Thank you for playing!

1. Snowshoe Hair
2. Chaga/Tinder Fungus.  Can be used as: fire starting material, medicinal tea, incense, 
3.  Coyote.  Apples. 
4.  Partridge Berry/Squaw Vine. 
5.  Hemlock.  The bark on the branches had been savaged by porcupines.
6.  Pileated Woodpecker.  Carpenter Ants.  Balsam Fir.
7.  White/Paper Birch.
8.  Porcupine.
9.  Hawthorn.  The thorns are an evolutionary adaptation to deter extinct Pleistocene mega-fauna.  
10.  Queen Anne's Lace/Wild Carrot.  Can be used as: Food, plant dye, medicine.
11.  Staghorn Sumac.  Can be used as: tea/lemonade, spice, plant dye.
12.  Human.  The tree was cut down with a stone celt (ax).