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Grandfather said that Tracking is the doorway to the spirit. Imagine being able to “…read the landscape like a newspaper” as Tom puts it. To know the comings and goings of animals, to see the relationships, to be able to piece together the puzzles and unravel the mysteries that elude others. This is tracking, and this is why so many people stare for hours on end at marks in the dirt!

Is it easy? No. But the feeling you get when that coyote track jumps out at you, you see toes, heel pads and then you find the next one. That’s priceless!


Pressure Releases

The ancient Apaches were true masters of tracking. Their very lives depended on it. They turned it into an art form with the discovery of ‘pressure releases’. Every movement of the body is translated into the tracks, some are large, some are tiny, but they are all there. The Apaches identified thousands of these, there was no hiding place! Imagine an Apache looking at your track. They would know your gender, height, weight, dominant side, how hungry you were, when you last went to the toilet, where you were looking, pretty much everything!


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