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If you are reading this, chances are you are a parent that wants their children to get more involved with nature. At COTEF we want to create lifelong learners, not just for a day or a week. We use Coyote Teaching to work on a number of different levels. We strive to help give a child the passion to go and find things out for themselves, to ask their own questions and seek their own answers. We hope that children will become more aware of themselves, others and the earth around them.

Whatever skill or activity we are presenting to the children, we always present it in a way that attempts to strengthen the child’s connection to the natural world around them. We say thank you to the wood we use to build a fire, we return debris shelters to the Earth, and sing songs. These add to the child’s relationship with nature and with each other.


Courses for adults at The Children of the Earth Foundation:

As part of our Family Experience we offer separate, Teacher Training workshops for parents. We share with you some of the ways that we interact with children, mainly through practical activities.

 Our Teacher Training courses provide a more in depth study of the Coyote Teaching methods, along with how we present individual skills and an overall philosophy of living as one with the Earth. Click on the link to find out more.

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