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Donations-  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, so that all your donations are tax deductible.

We accept monetary donations through PayPal, credit cards, or cash.

We also accept gifts in-kind, which are objects that you may rather give.  The value for these too, can be tax deductible.
You can choose from our Wish List or you may have other appropriate things to donate.

Wish List
Electric drill
Blankets for Sweat Lodge
Bow-making benches
Vehicle to transport people and equipment
Clean 5 gallon buckets
Large plastic totes
Belt sander
Bow drill kits

Thank You!!

GoodSearch- Select Children of the Earth Foundation as your charity and everytime you use GoodSearch to search online or by shopping select store through GoodShop, donations are made to Children of the Earth. Learn more.

Volunteer- There are many ways to volunteer for Children of the Earth and we'd love to get you involved!


Here’s a great project you can do to help Children of the Earth foundation and even your own skills! Especially in our Concentric Rings programs with groups, we often use pre-made bow drill kits. Over time they just get worn out or occasionally we give a kit to a child who has demonstrated great effort and passion for getting fire. You can help by creating bow drill kits including the fire board, spindle and handhold and burning in a few holes. Since this is their first experience with bow drill, cedar is one of the best woods to use and we request kits be made from this wood. The kits should be designed with instruction given in the Tracker Standard class but with a slightly smaller proportion to work well for kids. Whether you make and donate one or twenty kits, we will put them to great use inspiring children to be closer with the Earth. Completed kits should be sent to the office.


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