Coyote Tracks Day Programs

Program Description:
Our day camp programs provide a fun and exciting way to learn about wilderness survival, nature and ourselves.    We follow more of the ordinary "summer day camp" schedule but they are anything but ordinary.  Campers will play games, explore the woods and build unique bonds with nature and each other that will last a lifetime.   Each day there will be a new focus of interest, making opportunities for lasting knowledge.  These programs are a fantastic introduction for campers who seek a deeper connection with the Earth.  

Monday - Primitive Firemaking                                                                                    

Tuesday - Primitive Shelter Building

Wednesday - Primitive Hunting

Thursday - Plants & Primitive Crafts

Friday - Tracking & Awareness

Students will be provided with snacks during the day, but MUST bring a bag lunch.  

Ages 8-12
July 9-13    8:30AM - 4PM            

July 30-August 3     8:30AM - 4PM  

Camp Ludington in Holmes, NY