Teacher Certification

Program Description:

As Children of the Earth Foundation grows we have a great need for more Instructors across the country. This course will be tailored to certify Instructors to lead weekend and day programs for COTEF. Everything from how to present the skills to youth to registration, administration, logistics and leadership will be covered and participants will be certified through COTEF to run programs. If you want to be part of bringing Grandfather’s teachings to your community, this is the class for you!

Ages and Prerequisites: Adults 18 and up

This program is designed for adults who have experience in wilderness survival and a desire to teach. Please note, during the program we will utilize primitive skills such as the bow drill but the course is not designed to teach the participants bow drill, but how to teach it. The expectation is that adults have some experience through Children of the Earth Foundation, Tracker School or experience from another source prior to attending.


April 26-May 1st, 2009

September 20-25, 2009
New Jersey


$550 per person
* Please note, fee increases by $30 if registering after the Early Registration Deadline

Deposit:            $200 deposit is due at registration. 
Balance:           The balance for this program is due:     

Friday, April 10th (California)

Friday, September 4th (New Jersy)

                            If paying by credit card, you may indicate if you’d like us to
                           automatically charge the balance at the due date.

* Financial Assistance is available.  Click here for our Scholarship Application

Registration Deadline and Procedures

Early Registration Deadline:          March 26th (CA) / August 25th (NJ)
*Registrations are taken past the deadline, but if sufficient registration is not received by the deadline, the program will be cancelled.  This allows time for our staff as well as participants who are flying to make transportation arrangements without fear of program cancellation.  If flying in, please do not book flights until after the deadline.
Registration Procedures:
Print the registration form from the website or contact the office to receive via mail.  Please make sure a separate medical information page is completed for each family member who will be attending.  Submit completed application with the appropriate deposit.  You will receive a confirmation including directions and equipment lists upon receipt.

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