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Registration Information and Forms

Click Here to Register Online!
We have online registration available. You complete the forms for all your family online and pay by credit card. You may choose to pay a deposit now and the balance two weeks prior to the program or the full fee at this time. Note, all online class deposits are $200 per person, regardless of the program. Once you select your program you can choose to add the Bridge Program if applicable. Each bridge program requires a $25 deposit.

Or, Call us to Register, or Email us, or send it through the Mail!
Its easy!  Just call us to register or you may complete the Registration Packet, which is at the bottom of this page, to email or mail back to us .
Once your completed Registration Packet and deposit are received, you'll receive a confirmation and the Parent Handbook via email.
You can pay your deposit with PayPal!  You can now pay your deposit and program fees through the payment page. Just look for "Coyote Tracks Deposit" and add it to your shopping cart and you can securely pay directly through PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account to do this.

Please note: No one will be allowed to attend the programs unless all fees have been paid two weeks before the programs begin.
Due to being a licensed camp in New York for the summer, there are additional forms required for these NY summer programs. Please make sure your forms are completed for each family member who will be attending. If you have any questions about the registration packet, please contact us at the office at (609) 971-1799 or info@cotef.org.

Scholarship Applications
Due to the generosity of our donors, we have scholarships available for all of our programs. We have a unique scholarship for children of military veterans and children from Vermont, thanks to a special donor. To apply for an individual or family scholarship, please complete the one page, confidential application available here or contact the office. Please note there are limitations on number of programs or total family scholarship for each summer. Applications may be downloaded below.

Concentric Rings Outreach Program attendees can get 10% off their first program at Coyote Tracks!

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