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Mentor Program

Program Description:

Back by popular demand is our Mentor Program!  Students will spend three weeks working with our lead instructor to enhance their skills and understanding of the natural world in a fun and enjoyable way.  Students will receive vast knowledge and practical experience of ancestral skills, some of which are not normally covered in our week long classes. Students will also have the opportunity to focus on one or more particular skills which they are most passionate about.  

This is a unique opportunity for those teens who want a longer experience with greater depth, and ultimately greater results.  There are no other single programs we offer which can provide students this level of teaching.  The duration of the program and the proficiency of the instructor allows students to progress quickly to achievements and skill levels which took our ancestors years to accomplish.  Students will learn the secret “tricks of the trade” which can make survival easy and increase awareness.   The culmination of this program will be a semi-survival quest during the last week, where students and staff will take items they have crafted and live in the woods on the nearly 150 acre property of Camp Ludington.  

Week 1:
 During the first week, students will begin working on important skills and preparation which will serve them throughout the program.  Shelter building will be a focus and students will build a "village" away from the main camp.  This area will serve as a base camp where many activities will be held and also the location used during the final week's semi-survival.  Bow drill, fire tending and fire craft in the woods will also be a focus of the first week.  Students will make a white cedar bow drill kit to practice with and progress to an "off the landscape kit".  Hide tanning and containers will also be included in the first week.

Week 2: During the second week, food and water will be primary focuses.  Water containers, purification and finding/gathering water are among the most important survival skills.  Providing the body with calories is also crucial; collecting plant foods, hunting/trapping and food preservation will be covered and practiced (no wild animals will be harvested).  Tracking and awareness correlate to hunting but also have many other applications.  Stalking Wolf believed awareness to be the most important skill to possess, and this certainly is the case for any human to survive.  

Week 3: The final week will be spent making final preparations for the semi-survival quest.  The survival quest is an experience like no other, allowing participants to experience life in a camp/village built by their hands and side by side with their friends whom they built it with.  This gives students a window, not only into our shared ancestral past but also into their own lives as modern humans. Students will use skills they learned, tools they made and food they preserved to make this experience more enjoyable, along with a few modern items.   

While this is an intense program and the schedule is busy, students will have free time each day. In addition, students have each weekend off, from Friday noon, until Sunday noon. They are welcome to go home or sign up for our Bridge Program over the weekends. Students will have one chore rotation per day, fostering community, responsibility and independence.

Limited to 10 students.

Ages and Prerequisites:

13-17  and completed FYT or equivalent program


July 9-28, 2017

Holmes, NY- Camp Ludington


$1800 for each person 
Balance must be paid in full before attending the program.