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Teen Scout

Program Description:
This advanced week-long course for teens focuses on the Apache Scouts' way of life.  Here, we begin to understand what it means to become the eyes and ears of the people as Grandfather Stalking Wolf and his people taught.  This encompasses learning more advanced shelter and fire techniques, animal forms, martial arts study, tracking , invisibility, physical and spiritual workouts, group dynamics, and most importantly, awareness.  
This class approaches those skills through a series of unique games and challenges in which students rise as an individual, but also as part of a greater team.  

Ages and Prerequisites:

Teens age 13-17

Prerequisites:  Family, Youth & Teen Experience and one other class.                                                                                                                                                                


August 5-10
Holmes, NY- Camp Ludington

$690 per person

Bridge Program:
If you will be staying for more than one week and want to stay at camp over the weekend, the following fees cover from noon on Friday until the next program begins on Sunday.  
     Teen:  $95 for Bridge Program

Deposit:            $200 per person. 
Balance:           The balance is due July 22.
We accept credit cards through our "store" page, or payments through PayPal, or checks.

      How to Register:

Online Registration:    

Complete the forms for your family online and pay by credit card. You may choose to pay a deposit now and the balance two weeks prior to the camp or the full fee at this time. Note, all online class deposits are $200 per person, regardless of the program. Once you select your program you can choose to add the Bridge Program if applicable. Please note, there is a $5.20 fee charged at the time of registration for using the online service. You can complete all necessary documents online. Please note however, that those attending the summer programs in Holmes, NY must have the medical form stamped by a physician prior to coming to camp. 


Print the registration form from the website or contact the office to receive via mail.   

E-mail or fax completed application with the appropriate deposit.  Fax: 888-479-2481

You will receive a confirmation including directions and equipment lists upon receipt.

Please make sure a separate medical information page is completed for each family member who will be attending. 

* Financial Assistance is available.  Click here for our Scholarship Application