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Teacher Training and Survival Quest- With Rick Berry

We are delighted to welcome Rick Berry back to host our teacher training class!  Rick is taking time away for his own school, 4 Elements Earth Education http://www.4eee.org, to join us for a week this summer.  For this class, Rick has decided to include a short survival quest so that participants can experience and test their skills in the field.  This will certainly be a fantastic class as Rick is truly gifted in his teaching ability.  

Rick Berry's Program Description

These trainings were developed to focus and specialize on how to share and teach with children and 

young adults the teachings from The Tracker School and Grandfather’s lineage. Since the beginning of 

Coyote Tracks and COTEF. many schools have begun and now there are hundreds of small schools and 

programs around the world. Tom Brown Jr. with the help of Jon Young created a unique foundation for 

teaching children and I have continued, along with many others, in evolving our teachings to meet the 

current times just as the coyote adapts and thrives.

This course is designed for those who have experience with the skills of fire 

making, shelter building, tracking and awareness. We will dive deeper into how to effectively share and 

teach shelter, fire, water and food to children in many different settings. We will go into how to teach 

awareness; through survival skills, tracking, sit spot, hunting, camouflage, games, and bird language and 

how to weave these all together to create a seamless spontaneous adventure. 

We will go into the “mind of the mentor” through Tom Brown’s coyote teaching points. This is where 

the art of questioning, your specific “medicine”, “vision”, and passion come in to create a unique and 

powerful teaching. This will include ways to create a “sacred space” for children and lead them to be 

creative visionaries. 


Rick Berry 
PictureRick Berry began with the Tracker School in 1986 at the age of 15, and has been teaching these skills for the past 20 years. After graduating with a B.S. from Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA, Rick tested his skills in the remote Klamath Mountain range where he immersed himself in indigenous life-ways--passed on to him by Gary Morris, who had lived with Yurok Elder Calvin Rube for 20 years. 

Later, Rick spent two years in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey as a care-taker for the Tracker School, testing and refining his tracking and survival skills. Rick taught with both Jon Young and Tom Brown, Jr. through the Tracker School’s Coyote Camps, and moved on to serve seven years as Director of The Children of the Earth Foundation.  

Today, Rick lives in the Sierra foothills of Northern California where he shares Grandfather’s dynamic teachings and philosophy of living as one with the Earth through 4 Elements Earth Education and its Fox Walkers program for school-aged children. 

Rick also teaches at the Buckeye Gathering
and through events sponsored by the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.


July 5-10
Holmes, NY- Camp Ludington


FYT Experience, or Tracker School Standard, or Equivalent


 $750 for first person.           
 $600 for each additional family member from the same household

Deposit:            $200 per person.  
Balance:           The balance for this program is due: 19 June
                           If paying by credit card, you may indicate if you’d like us to
                           automatically charge the balance at the due date.

How to Register:

New Online Registration!
We now have online registration available. You complete the forms for all your family online and pay by credit card. You may choose to pay a deposit now and the balance two weeks prior to the camp or the full fee at this time. Note, all online class deposits are $200 per person, regardless of the program.Once you select your program you can choose to add the Bridge Program if applicable. Please note, there is a $4.95 fee charged at the time of registration for using the online service. You can complete all necessary documents online. Please note however, that those attending the summer programs in Holmes, NY must have the medical form stamped by a physician prior to coming to camp. 


Print the registration form from the website or contact the office to receive via mail.   

Submit completed application with the appropriate deposit. Email to info@cotef.org, or Fax: 888-479-2481, or Mail to:529 Route 9, #10, Waretown, NJ 08758

You will receive a confirmation including directions and equipment lists upon receipt.
Please make sure a separate medical information page is completed for each family member who will be attending. 

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