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Teaching Children Through Survival Quest

Program Description:

This course is specifically meant for adults who wish to get field training in survival skills so they may pass on their knowledge and experience to the younger generation. Pine Barrens Survival Quest Training immerses students in nature for an extended time period and emphasizes methods for teaching the skills we will use to children, in the Way of the Coyote.   

Preparation: We start with preparation for the trip at the Tracker Primitive Camp. We smoke meat, make bags, practice bow-drill fire making, natural cordage...and more.

Wilderness living: Semi– survival living with dried meat, fruit, and nuts. This second section of the course deals with semi-survival living, building light weight summer shelters, gathering wild plant foods, and fishing.

Group Survival: We go out with as little gear and modern equipment as we want and allow ourselves to fully surrender to the land.  We wander together as a tribe, eating wild edibles, tracking animals, losing sense of time and place finding “deer summer”.  We find that we can gather “energy” from the land in many forms and get a peak at Grandfather’s world!

Note: No animals are taken except for fish.  We do set “non-lethal” traps and students are rewarded with imported food.  Students are given plenty of water and a small amount of food during their Wilderness Living experience and then source these necessities from the landscape during Group Survival. Students work closely with our staff during the entire program.

This course is an amazing opportunity for adults and instructors alike to dive deep into Tom’s teachings and really live it!

*Maximum enrollment of 12 people.

Ages:  18-99


Tracker Standard, or COTEF FYT, or equivalent course from another school


August 28- September 2
Tracker Primitive Camp in the Pine Barrens, Waretown NJ

Guest Instructor:
Rick Berry is leading this year's Pine Barrens Survival Quest Training.  He lived as a caretaker in the PB Primitive Camp from 1998 to 2001. In 2003 he lead a 28 day Survival Quest with 4 teens in the Pine Barrens, an epic journey where they immersed themselves with the land.  Rick Berry was the Director of COTEF from 2004 to 2009 and has continued teaching on the west coast through a non-profit he started in 2010. With 25 years of experience teaching youth and 12 years running non-profit organizations, Rick attributes much his knowledge from the Pine Barrens and the Tracker School and is excited to share an amazing Pine Barrens experience.
$750 First person
$650 for each additional family member in the same household

Deposit:            $200 per person.  
Balance:           The balance is due August 28.
                         Contact us to pay with credit cards, through , or payments through PayPal directly (pay to info@cotef.org) or
our "store" page, or by check.

How to Register

Online Registration
The above link will take you to Active, our online registration site.  There you can complete the forms for all your family online and pay by credit card.  All program deposits are $200 per person, regardless of the program.  Once you select your program you can choose to add the Bridge Program if applicable. Please note, there is a $5.20 fee charged at the time of registration by the online service. You can complete all necessary documents online except the medical form for NY programs which require by NY State that the medical form be stamped by a physician prior to coming to camp.


Print the registration form from the website or contact the office to receive a copy via mail.   
E-mail to info@cotef.org or fax completed registration.  Fax: 888-479-2481
You may pay your deposit by check or PayPal.  You may also pay through PayPal on our Store site.
You will receive a confirmation including directions and equipment lists upon receipt of your registration and deposit.
Please make sure a separate medical information page is completed for each family member who will be attending.                 
* Financial Assistance is available.  Click here for our Scholarship Application


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