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Coyote Tracks Day Camp

Program Description:

Welcome to Coyote Tracks Day Camp!   We are offering a different theme each day of a week of day camp.  The days are organized for children, but guardians can attend too!  If you have been wanting to experience a taste of our programs, this is a good opportunity to get to know us.  (Children can also come without adults.)

Participants will learn survival skills in a manner similar to the way Stalking Wolf taught Tom Brown, Jr. and have lots of fun with awareness and other games!

Ages 7-17 (and family is an option)

There are no prerequisites for the day camp.


18-22 July, 9am-4pm (bring a bag lunch and water bottle- we will provide fruit)


1-5 August, 9am-4pm  (bring a bag lunch and water bottle- we will provide fruit)

The weekly schedule is as follows:

Monday - Primitive Firemaking

Tuesday - Primitive Shelter Building

Wednesday - Primitive Hunting

Thursday - Plants & Primitive Crafts

Friday - Tracking & Awareness

Location:  Holmes, NY- Camp Ludington


 $60/day for first person.           
 $50/day for each additional family member from the same household

Deposit:            $50 per person.  
Balance:           The balance for this program is due before attending the program.
                           If paying by credit card, you may indicate if you’d like us to
                           automatically charge the balance at the due date

How to Register:

Email or fax the registration form  with the appropriate deposit.  Fax: 888-479-2481

You can also call in your registration to 609-971-1799.

Registration for the Day Camp cannot be done on our online site.

You will receive a confirmation including directions and equipment lists upon receipt.

Please make sure a separate medical information page is completed for each family member who will be attending. 

* Financial Assistance is available.  Click here for our Scholarship Application