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COTEF Reunion Gathering

Program Description:
This is the first reunion class we have ever held!  We invite anyone who has been a part of of our history in any way to join us on Labor Day Weekend for a gathering of friends and family. Students, families, staff, volunteers, donors, and past Board members are all welcome to be a part of our reunion gathering.  This weekend will bring together old friends and new with: laughter, stories, meals, games, skill sharing and trading.  We encourage you to bring skills that you have made, musical instruments, artwork, raw materials or anything you would like to share or trade as we will have a trade blanket.   

This weekend will be a community based experience where all involved can contribute to the group.  This will bring all the friends of COTEF together and strengthen our bonds with each other and the Earth.  

Ages and Prerequisites:
All ages 
Children under 10 must be accompanied by a parent 

This program is open to anyone who has ever done a program with us, taught, volunteered or donated to COTEF ever!


September 4-7

Citta Scout Camp 
Waretown, NJ


 $250 for first person.           
 $200 for each additional family member from the same household

Deposit:            $200 per person.  
Balance:           The balance for this program is due:       August 21 
                           If paying by credit card, you may indicate if you’d like us to
                           automatically charge the balance at the due date.

How to Register:

New Online Registration!
We now have online registration available. You complete the forms for all your family online and pay by credit card. You may choose to pay a deposit now and the balance two weeks prior to the camp or the full fee at this time. Note, all online class deposits are $200 per person, regardless of the program.   Please note, there is a $4.95 fee charged at the time of registration for using the online service. You can complete all necessary documents online.  Print the registration form from the website or contact the office to receive via mail.   

Submit completed application with the appropriate deposit.  Fax: 888-479-2481, or email to info@cotef.org

You will receive a confirmation including directions and equipment lists upon receipt.

Please make sure a separate medical information page is completed for each family member who will be attending. 

* Financial Assistance is available.  Click here for our Scholarship Application